Flowers For International Women’s Day

International women's day flowers

You’re likely familiar with International Women’s Day’s significance and its origins, tracing back to the early 20th century as a focal point in the movement for women’s rights. But have you ever considered the profound symbolism behind the specific blooms chosen to honour this day? From the vibrant mimosa to the resilient tulip, each flower […]

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How To Preserve Wedding Flowers

If you’re about to get married or have recently gotten married you’ll be aware of how much planning goes into your special day. Picking the right date, a beautiful venue, the extra special wedding dress, the bridesmaid’s dresses, the guest list, the food, and of course the all-important flowers. It’s also a given that you […]

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Choosing Sustainable Flowers

Handmade bouquet in brighton

Just like fruit and vegetables, certain flowers bloom at certain times of the year. Spring flowers like the tulip, the daffodil and the primrose appear between March and June. Summer flowers like the daisy, delphinium and hydrangea between June and September. Early Autumn flowers like the pansy and chrysanthemum. The point is, year round we […]

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Pets and Plant Toxicity

Dog with basket of flowers

First of all, Happy New Year! After a very successful December teaching over 100 of you lovely lot how to create festive door wreaths and table centre arrangements for your dinner parties we are happy to be back and providing you all with your blooms and plants in twenty-twenty-two! Speaking of the latter as many […]

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The Best Flowers For Bees & Bee Friendly Plants

Bee Friendly Flowers

The sound of bees going about their business, buzzing gently from one flower to the next surely conjures images of blue skies, green grass and long summers days. Bees are incredibly important pollinators, essential to the ongoing health of our ecosystems but sadly for a variety of reasons many species of bees are in decline. […]

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Guide To British Summer Flowers

The summer season brings a variety of vibrant and beautiful plants and flowers that can really brighten up your home, garden or even your wedding bouquet! As different flower types bloom in different seasons, we’ve created this guide focused on British summer flowers to help you understand which flowers will be looking their best during […]

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