Guide To British Summer Flowers

The summer season brings a variety of vibrant and beautiful plants and flowers that can really brighten up your home, garden or even your wedding bouquet! As different flower types bloom in different seasons, we’ve created this guide focused on British summer flowers to help you understand which flowers will be looking their best during the summer months.

We’re proud to stock a range of seasonal bouquets that feature cut flowers that are blooming during this time of year. Take a look online at our seasonal summer bouquets and get in touch if you have any questions about our summer flowers.

Seasonal summer flowers

Take a look at some of the most beautiful British flowers that are in bloom in the months of June, July and August, adding vibrancy to your home:


The lily is one of the most popular flowers in homes and gardens as they come in a range of colours and styles – from pink and purple to cream and white styles. They look wonderful as a cut flower in a vase at home and the lily is well known for being wonderfully scented, so not only will they brighten up your space they’ll make it smell nice too.

Lilies are a perennial flower so once the bulbs have been planted they will come back every year in your garden if the conditions are right.

Love lilies? Take a look at our Stylish Oriental Lily Bouquet. It mixes lily stems with other neutral flowers that perfectly complement all homes and colour schemes.

Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas are pretty little flowers that are scented exactly as they sound; they’re delightful sweet smelling flowers that are super popular in homes and gardens. The beautiful and delicate pink and purple coloured flowers stand out in gardens and make wonderful cut flowers in a vase at home.

Sweet Peas are annual flowers so will need to be replanted every year but they’re well worth it for the bright colours and wonderful scents they bring.


One of the most well known British flowers, sunflowers are another extremely popular addition to homes and gardens during the summer months. This is no surprise as they really make a statement with their bright colours and tall growth.

They also absolutely love the sun and it’s a well known fact that their head actually follows the sun throughout the day to ensure it gets the most sunlight. They are also great plants for bees as they’re full of nectar – they can even help to boost their immune system!

Cut flowers and bouquets that feature sunflowers are always vibrant and beautiful and are perfect for cheering someone up. Take a look at our Brighton Beautiful Bouquet that’s perfect for showing someone you care.


Dahlia flowers are another lovely seasonal British flower to enjoy during the summer months. There are over 40 different species and a huge variety of colours to choose from so there is something for every colour scheme and taste.

They’re also known for lasting a long time, well into autumn, so you can enjoy these wonderful flowering beauties for even longer.


Roses are well-known British summer flowers that are perfect for brightening up any garden or home. They’re wonderfully fragrant and come in a range of colours, from pink and purple to the classic red rose and even a lovely yellow.

Rose plants also come in a variety of different options and from climbers to shrubs, there’s something to suit every garden style. Roses make a great cut flower and look lovely in vases on their own or mixed with other summer flowers.

We stock a range of seasonal bouquets that feature different styles of roses, from this beautiful purple Ultra Violet Bouquet to this more classic Antique Rose Bouquet.


A wonderfully beautiful flower packed full of petals, peonies are another lovely British summer flower that brightens up your home and garden. Coming in lovely pink, yellow and white colours, they match in with all colour schemes and styles.

Not only are they a showstopper in terms of looks for your home or garden, they are also beautifully fragrant. Peonies tend to spring up and start flowering during early summer and can really make an impact in your flower beds.


Hydrangeas come in a shrub form and can grow to get quite large so make sure you have a lot of space available in your garden. However, you don’t actually need many to make an impact with these flowers – each stem features loads of vibrant and pretty flowers that stand out in your garden.

Hydrangeas come in a range of colours, including pretty pink, vibrant blue and neutral white. Not only do they make a lovely addition to the garden, they also look great in a planter inside your home. Make sure you take a look at our beautiful pink Hydrangea Planter.

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