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Show your love and affection for your significant other on your anniversary with beautiful anniversary flowers. No matter how long you’ve been together, from one year to 60, a flower bouquet makes the perfect anniversary gift and shows your love and commitment.

Shop our range of anniversary flowers for delivery in Brighton and Hove below. Shop a stunning bouquet of anniversary roses or other romantic flowers and gifts and get them delivered straight to your loved ones door.

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Why flowers make the perfect anniversary gift

Flowers have been an integral part of human expression as they possess the uncanny ability to express love, admiration and respect in a universally understood language. Particularly when it comes to anniversaries, flowers stand out as the perfect embodiment of love and enduring passion. Each anniversary flower carries a unique message and symbolic meaning.

Golden wedding anniversary flowers, for example, are typically vibrant and colourful, signifying 50 years of shared happiness, respect, and deep love. On the other hand, ruby wedding anniversary flowers, symbolising 40 years of marriage, are often deep red, capturing the depth and intensity of a love that has withstood the test of time.

Wedding anniversary flowers

Wedding anniversaries are significant milestones in a couple’s life. Each passing year is a testament to their love, commitment, and shared experiences. Celebrating these special occasions with flowers adds to the charm and sentimentality of the event.

Whether you are celebrating your first or fiftieth anniversary, wedding anniversary flowers make the occasion even more memorable. From romantic roses to delicate daisies, flowers are an elegant way to express your affection.

If you’re looking to get wedding anniversary flowers by year, here are the list of flowers for each year:

  • 1st anniversary – Carnations. Carnations, with their rich, ruffled petals and sweet fragrance, symbolise the youthful, passionate love that characterises the first year of marriage.
  • 2nd anniversary – Cosmos. Cosmos flowers are used on the second anniversary, their simplicity and harmony representing the couple’s growing understanding and deepening mutual respect.
  • 3rd anniversary – Sunflowers. Sunflowers, standing tall and bright, embody the loyal love and warmth that shines in a marriage of three years, reminding the couple of the strength of their bond.
  • 4th anniversary – Geraniums. Geraniums symbolise comfort and gentility, mirroring the feelings of contentment and deep-seated affection found in a four-year-long marriage.
  • 5th anniversary – Daisies. Daisies, known for their pure, innocent beauty, represent the loyal love and shared secrets that mark a five-year marriage journey.
  • 6th anniversary – Calla Lilies. Elegant Calla Lilies reflect the growth and beautiful transformation that takes place in a marriage by the sixth year.
  • 7th anniversary – Freesias. Freesias, with their sweet fragrance and diverse colours, embody the joyous, deep-seated bond that emerges in a seven-year-old marriage.
  • 8th anniversary – Clematis. Clematis, often used to symbolise ingenuity and mental beauty, mirror the intellectual and emotional growth experienced by the eighth anniversary.
  • 9th anniversary – Poppies. Poppies are known for their dazzling and resilient beauty, symbolising the mutual enjoyment and deep passion that characterises a nine-year marriage.
  • 10th anniversary – Daffodils. The bright and cheerful daffodil represents the joy and renewed vitality of a decade-long journey together, reminding couples of their shared happiness.
  • 11th anniversary – Morning Glory. Morning Glory symbolises the love that flourishes anew each day, just like the flower itself, perfect for celebrating an eleventh wedding anniversary.
  • 12th anniversary – Peonies. Peonies, known for their lush, rounded blooms, signify the prosperity and bliss that have blossomed over a dozen years of togetherness.
  • 13th anniversary – Chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemums, often associated with longevity and joy, echo the deep love and the vibrant journey of a thirteen-year-long marriage.
  • 14th anniversary – Dahlias. Dahlias, renowned for their intricate patterns and multiple petals, mirror the complex, deep-rooted love and commitment found in a fourteen-year marriage.
  • 15th anniversary – Roses. Roses, timeless symbols of love, perfectly embody the deep affection and passionate romance that characterise a fifteen-year-long marital journey.
  • 20th anniversary – Asters. Asters, symbolic of wisdom and valour, are ideal for celebrating the enduring strength and wisdom gained in twenty years of marriage.
  • 25th anniversary – Iris. The elegant Iris, symbolising faith and promise, perfectly represents the silver milestone, honouring the sustained love and trust after 25 years together.
  • 30th anniversary – Lilies. Lilies, with their majestic beauty, symbolise the proud and profound love that has blossomed over the span of three decades in marriage.
  • 40th anniversary – Gladioli. Gladioli, standing tall and grand, symbolise the strength of character, integrity, and deep passion present in a forty-year-long marriage journey.
  • 50th anniversary – Yellow Roses and Violets. Yellow roses, symbolising friendship and joy, along with violets, the emblem of modesty and faithfulness, perfectly honour the golden jubilee, representing a blend of deep friendship and humble love developed over half a century.

Why choose The Brighton Flower Company for anniversary flowers

At The Brighton Flower Company, we understand the language of flowers. Our commitment to providing the finest anniversary flowers stems from our belief in the timeless tradition of expressing love through these beautiful creations of nature.

We are proud of our vast collection of beautiful, high-quality flowers to suit every anniversary milestone. Whether it’s a bouquet of delicate roses or a stunning arrangement of golden wedding anniversary flowers, our expert florists craft each arrangement with care and passion.

As well as beautiful flowers, we also offer a range of anniversary gifts, such as boxes of chocolate, to go along with your flower order. Don’t forget to add a thoughtful gift message to signify the special occasion.

Local and national anniversary flowers delivery

Our dedication to our customers extends beyond our shop in Brighton. We offer both local and national delivery to ensure that your heartfelt gesture reaches your loved ones, no matter where they are.

Whether you are based in Brighton or elsewhere in the UK, you can count on The Brighton Flower Company to send anniversary flowers promptly and in perfect condition. We handle every bouquet with the utmost care, ensuring that the arrangement reaches your loved one looking just as fresh and beautiful as when it left our store.

Please note, not all of our bouquets are suitable for national delivery, so make sure you check the individual product before making a purchase.

Choose The Brighton Flower Company for the finest anniversary flowers that speak volumes about your love and affection. Let us help you celebrate your special day with our exquisite, hand-crafted floral arrangements.

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