Autumn Wedding Flowers – Inspiration And Trends

Autumnal wedding bouquet

Are you planning an autumn wedding? Get ready to be inspired by the latest trends in autumn wedding flowers.

From rich reds and warm oranges to deep purples and earthy greens, there are so many beautiful options to choose from. When it comes to choosing your flowers, consider incorporating unique styles and ideas that reflect your personal taste.

Read our guide to the best seasonal flowers for an autumnal bouquet and get in touch for beautiful wedding flowers in Sussex.

Popular autumn wedding flowers

If you’re planning an autumn wedding, you might be wondering which flowers would be perfect for your special day.

Discover popular autumn blooms that will add a touch of elegance and warmth to your wedding décor, creating a stunning atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy.


Dahlias are a popular choice for autumn wedding flowers due to their vibrant colours and unique petal shapes. These stunning blooms come in a variety of shades, from deep reds and oranges to soft pinks and purples, making them a perfect fit for an autumn-themed wedding. Not only do dahlias add a touch of elegance to any bouquet or centrepiece, but they also symbolise inner strength and grace, making them a meaningful choice for your special day.

Pink dahlia flowers

Whether you choose to use dahlias as the main focus or as accents throughout your wedding décor, these beautiful flowers are sure to make a statement and create a memorable atmosphere.


Yellow chrysanthemums

When choosing chrysanthemums for your arrangements, consider the different colours and sizes available to create a visually stunning display.

Chrysanthemums are a perfect choice for autumnal wedding flowers, as they are in season in October and November. These vibrant blooms come in a wide range of shades, from warm oranges and yellows to rich reds and purples, making them ideal for adding a pop of colour to your wedding décor.

Whether you opt for large, showy blooms or delicate sprays, chrysanthemums can be incorporated into bouquets, centrepieces, and even floral crowns. Their longevity also makes them a practical choice, as they will stay fresh throughout your special day.


Roses are a classic choice for any occasion, adding elegance and beauty to any floral arrangement. When it comes to autumn weddings, roses can be the perfect choice to complement the season’s warm colours and romantic atmosphere.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Opt for rich and deep hues like burgundy, deep red, or burnt orange to capture the essence of autumn.
A selection of pink, orange, yellow and white roses
  • For buttonholes in autumn, you can choose smaller roses in complementary colours, such as cream or blush, to create a subtle and sophisticated look.
  • Explore the vibrant colours of the season, such as golden yellows or rustic oranges, to bring a touch of warmth and charm to your autumn wedding.


Field of sunflowers

If you’re looking to add a vibrant and cheerful touch to your arrangements, sunflowers are a fantastic choice. These beautiful flowers are perfect for autumn weddings, adding a warm and inviting feel to your special day.

When it comes to choosing the colour for your autumn wedding, sunflowers are incredibly versatile. Their bright yellow petals can complement a variety of colour palettes, including rich oranges, deep reds, and rustic browns.

To decorate your wedding in autumn, consider incorporating sunflowers into your centrepieces, bouquets, and even your wedding arch. Their sunny disposition will bring a touch of joy to your celebration.

Sunflowers also pair well with other autumn blooms such as dahlias, roses, and mums. So, if you’re planning a wedding in autumn, don’t hesitate to include sunflowers in your floral arrangements.


Asters are a popular choice for adding vibrant pops of colour to floral arrangements. They come in a variety of colours, from deep purples to bright pinks and whites. With their daisy-like appearance, they bring a touch of whimsy and elegance to any bouquet or centrepiece.

Here are a few reasons why asters are a great choice for your autumn wedding:

  • They symbolise love and patience, perfect for a wedding celebration.
Yellow and orange asters
  • Asters are known for their long-lasting blooms, ensuring your arrangements stay fresh throughout the day.
  • They are versatile and can be paired with other autumn flowers like dahlias and chrysanthemums.
  • Asters add a natural and rustic touch to any floral design, making them ideal for an autumnal wedding.


Purple sedum flowers

Sedum plants, also known as stonecrops, are perfect for adding a unique touch to your floral arrangements. These versatile plants come in a variety of colours, including shades of pink, red, purple, and green. Their small, star-shaped flowers clustered together create a visually striking display.

Sedum is known for its ability to withstand cooler temperatures, making it an excellent choice for an autumn wedding.

Whether you use it in bridal bouquets, centrepieces, or even as a charming accent in your hair, sedum will add a touch of natural elegance to your special day.

Hypericum berries

Hypericum berries, also known as St. John’s wort, are a popular choice for adding a pop of vibrant colour to your floral arrangements. These small, round berries come in a variety of shades, from deep reds and oranges to bright yellows and greens.

Here are four reasons why hypericum berries are a must-have for your autumn wedding:

  • They add texture: The berries’ small size and bumpy texture create an interesting contrast with other flowers in your arrangements.
Red hypericum berries
  • They bring warmth: The rich, warm colours of hypericum berries evoke the cosy feeling of autumn, perfect for a wedding in this season.
  • They symbolise happiness: St. John’s wort has long been associated with joy and positive energy, making hypericum berries a meaningful addition to your special day.
  • They last long: Hypericum berries have a relatively long vase life, ensuring that your floral arrangements will stay fresh and vibrant throughout your wedding celebration.

Calla Lilies

Pink calla lilies

Calla lilies, with their elegant trumpet-shaped blooms, are a popular choice for adding a touch of sophistication to any floral arrangement. These graceful flowers come in a variety of colours, making them versatile for any wedding theme or style. Whether you’re going for a classic white and green colour scheme or a bold and vibrant autumn palette, calla lilies can be a stunning addition.

Consider incorporating calla lilies into your autumn wedding bouquet or centrepieces for a touch of elegance and sophistication that will surely impress your guests.


Alstroemeria, also known as Peruvian lilies, are a popular choice for adding a pop of colour to any floral arrangement. These vibrant blooms are not only visually appealing but also carry a deeper meaning.

Here’s why you should consider including Alstroemeria in your next arrangement:

  • Symbol of friendship: Alstroemeria represents friendship and loyalty, making it an ideal choice for celebrating the bond between loved ones.
Orange alstroemeria
  • Long-lasting beauty: These flowers have a remarkable vase life, ensuring that your arrangement will stay fresh and beautiful for an extended period.
  • Variety of colours: Alstroemeria comes in a wide range of hues, from soft pastels to bold and vibrant shades, allowing you to create a visually captivating arrangement.
  • Versatile and affordable: Alstroemeria is readily available and budget-friendly, making it a practical choice for any occasion.

Considerations when choosing autumn wedding flowers

When choosing autumn wedding flowers, there are several key points to consider:

Local availability and sourcing

It’s important to consider local availability and sourcing when planning your autumn wedding flowers. By choosing flowers that are readily available in your area, you can ensure freshness and reduce transportation costs. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

  • Seasonal flowers: Opt for flowers that are in season during autumn, such as dahlias, chrysanthemums, and sunflowers. Not only will they be more affordable, but they will also add a touch of seasonal charm to your wedding décor.
  • Wildflowers and foliage: Consider incorporating wildflowers and foliage into your arrangements. They are often abundant in autumn and can add a natural and rustic touch to your wedding.
  • Unique elements: Get creative and consider unique elements to include in your floral designs. Pinecones, branches, and berries can add a whimsical and personalised touch to your autumn wedding.

Matching with the wedding’s theme and colour palette

Autumnal colour pallet made from leaves

This step is crucial in creating a cohesive and visually stunning atmosphere on your special day. Whether you’re going for a rustic, bohemian, or elegant theme, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Consider incorporating warm tones like deep oranges, burgundy, and golden yellows for a cosy autumn feel. If you prefer a more modern look, opt for a monochromatic colour scheme with shades of red or purple.

Don’t be afraid to mix in some unique elements like foliage, berries, or even feathers to add texture and depth to your floral arrangements. Remember, the key is to make sure your flowers complement the overall aesthetic of your wedding.

Fragrance and potential allergies

Consider choosing fragrant blooms for your special day to add an extra sensory element to your wedding experience. The sweet scent of flowers can create a romantic and enchanting atmosphere, leaving a lasting impression on you and your guests.

However, it’s important to be mindful of potential allergies that some individuals may have. To ensure everyone can enjoy the fragrance without any discomfort, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Opt for flowers with a mild scent, such as roses or peonies.
  • Avoid highly fragrant blooms like lilies or hyacinths, as they can be overpowering.
  • Consult with your florist to discuss any specific allergies that you or your guests may have.
  • Consider incorporating non-floral elements, like scented candles or herbs, to add fragrance without the risk of allergies.

Budget constraints

If you’re on a tight budget, you can still create a beautiful wedding atmosphere by opting for affordable floral alternatives.

  • If you have your heart set on a gorgeous bouquet filled with flowers, opt for flowers that are in season. This makes them easier to source, reducing costs on finding and transporting them. Seasonal autumn flowers include:
    • Dahlias
    • Asters
    • Snapdragons
    • Chrysanthemums
    • Hebes
    • Sedums
    • Marigolds
    • Hydrangeas
    • Pansies
  • Alternatively, instead of traditional flowers, consider using foliage, greenery, or even dried flowers for a unique and budget-friendly touch.
  • Incorporate seasonal elements like wheat, berries, or pinecones to add a rustic charm to your wedding décor.
  • Another cost-effective option is to use potted plants or succulents as centrepieces, which can double as wedding favours for your guests.

Type of venue

When choosing flowers, consider your venue style. Is it a rustic barn or modern hotel? This will help you understand the types of flowers that will complement your venue and fit in with your overall theme and style.

Arrangement styles and ideas

When it comes to planning your wedding, the arrangement of flowers plays a crucial role in creating a beautiful and cohesive atmosphere. From the bouquets you and your bridesmaids carry down the aisle, to the table centrepieces that set the mood for your reception, every detail matters.


Choose a bridal bouquet that incorporates warm, rich colours like burgundy and deep orange for a stunning autumn wedding look. The bouquet will be the centrepiece of your ensemble, so make sure it complements your dress and the overall theme of your wedding.

Autumn wedding flowers being held by a bride in a wedding dress

Table centrepieces

Floral wedding centrepieces

The table centrepieces should reflect the overall theme and style of your wedding, so make sure they complement the rest of the décor.

Think about the colour scheme and theme, as well as any additional extras such as pumpkins, fresh foliage and berries that will add some texture.

Do you prefer a higher or lower centrepiece? Think about how you want the overall room and individual tables to look.

Corsages & boutonnières

Corsages and boutonnières are a lovely way to add a touch of elegance and personal style to your big day.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Colour palette: Match the colours of the corsage or boutonnière to your overall wedding colour scheme for a cohesive look.
  • Unique accents: Consider adding unique accents like feathers, berries, or succulents to make your floral arrangements stand out.
Autumnal floral corsage

Aisle decorations

Autumnal aisle decorations with autumn flowers and pumpkins and berries

One popular trend for autumn weddings is incorporating natural elements into your aisle decorations. Think about using vibrant fall foliage, such as colourful leaves or branches with berries, to create a stunning look. You could also consider incorporating pumpkins, gourds, or even hay bales for a rustic touch.

To add a touch of elegance, consider lining the aisle with candles in glass lanterns or mason jars.

The soft glow will create a romantic atmosphere as you make your way down the aisle. Don’t forget to add a few floral arrangements along the way to tie everything together. With a little creativity, you can transform your wedding aisle into a beautiful autumn scene that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Altar & arch designs

When it comes to altar and arch designs, consider incorporating natural elements like branches or vines for a rustic touch. These elements can add a sense of charm and elegance to your wedding ceremony.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • Branches intertwined with flowers: Create a stunning backdrop by intertwining branches with autumnal blooms like dahlias or sunflowers. This combination will bring the beauty of nature to your altar or arch.
Autumnal altar wedding flowers
  • Hanging greenery: Add a touch of whimsy by hanging garlands of lush greenery from the arch or altar. This will create a romantic and enchanting atmosphere for your ceremony.
  • Fall foliage: Embrace the colours of autumn by using vibrant foliage, such as maple leaves or ferns, to adorn your altar or arch. This will create a warm and inviting ambience for your wedding.
  • Draped fabric: Soften the look of your altar or arch by draping sheer fabric, like chiffon or lace, over the structure. This will add a touch of elegance and romance to your ceremony space.

Ribbons & wraps

Pink dried flowers with a twine ribbon

Adding these delicate details can elevate your floral arrangements and create a romantic and whimsical atmosphere on your special day.

  • Sheer elegance: Opt for sheer ribbons in soft shades like blush or ivory to add a touch of ethereal beauty to your bouquets.
  • Bold statements: Choose vibrant, richly coloured ribbons to make a statement against the muted tones of autumn foliage.
  • Textured touch: Consider using textured wraps, such as burlap or velvet, to add depth and visual interest to your floral designs.
  • Personalised Flair: Use ribbons in your wedding colours or with personalised messages to add a unique and sentimental touch to your arrangements.

Trending autumnal wedding flower ideas in the UK

Are you looking for unique and trendy ideas to incorporate into your autumnal wedding flower arrangements? Take a look at some of the biggest autumnal wedding trends below

Dried flowers and grasses

You can easily add a rustic touch to your autumn wedding by incorporating dried flowers and grasses. These natural elements bring a sense of warmth and charm to your special day.

Dried flowers and eucalyptus

Incorporating fruits like pumpkins and apples

Pumpkin with autumn flowers coming out of the top

To bring a touch of harvest charm to your special day, consider incorporating fruits like pumpkins and apples into your wedding décor. These natural elements not only add a rustic and seasonal vibe but also create a visually stunning display.

Start by using pumpkins as centrepieces or aisle markers, either painted in elegant metallic tones or left in their natural form.

You can also carve out the pumpkins and use them as votive holders, adding a warm and cosy ambience to your reception.

Apples can be used in various ways, such as filling glass vases with them or incorporating them into your floral arrangements. The vibrant colours and fresh scent of these fruits will infuse your wedding with a delightful autumn atmosphere that your guests will love.

Moody and dark colour palettes

These rich, deep hues will add a touch of elegance and drama to your special day. Picture velvety burgundy, smoky purple, and dark crimson flowers, perfectly complemented by lush green foliage.

Here’s why this trend is worth considering:

  • Creates a romantic and mysterious ambience.
  • Adds depth and sophistication to your floral arrangements.
Red and black flowers
  • Provides a striking contrast against traditional white wedding dresses.
  • Allows for unique and artistic floral combinations.

Autumn wedding flowers in Sussex

So there you have it! You now have a wealth of inspiration and ideas for your autumn wedding flowers.

From rich and vibrant colours to unique arrangement styles, there are endless possibilities to make your special day truly unforgettable.

Get in touch with our expert team about wedding flowers in Sussex. Our dedicated team of florists are able to work with you and your chosen theme and bring your wedding flower vision to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any specific flowers that are considered bad luck for autumn weddings?

There aren’t any specific flowers considered bad luck for autumn weddings. However, it’s always a good idea to choose flowers that are in season and complement the overall theme and colours of your wedding.

How can I ensure that my autumn wedding flowers stay fresh throughout the entire day?

To ensure your autumn wedding flowers stay fresh all day, keep them in water until the last minute, try to avoid direct sunlight, and ensure they’re handled carefully throughout the day.

What are seasonal autumn wedding flowers?

Dahlias reign supreme in autumn, coming in a myriad of colours, from deep reds to soft pastels. Chrysanthemums are another popular choice. Sedum offers a soft blush of pink, which contrasts beautifully with the deep purples and blues of anemones and asters. Roses, a perennial favourite, continue to bloom into the autumn months, and their classic elegance can be paired with the more rustic appeal of berries and seed pods. For those seeking a touch of drama, the dark, almost black, calla lilies can add a hint of luxury. Lastly, foliage such as oak leaves and ferns can be incorporated to give arrangements an authentic autumnal feel.

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