Winter Wedding Flowers – Ideas And Inspiration

Winter wedding flowers

Winter weddings can have a magical, cosy feel. From snowy backdrops to rich, wintery colours, embracing the season in your wedding décor creates a memorable atmosphere. One of the best ways to set a winter mood is with your flowers and floral arrangements. Wintertime blooms and greens have vibrancy and warmth that brings beauty to your ceremony and reception.

In this blog post, we’ll share our favourite winter wedding flowers and inspirational images. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand affair, you’ll discover beautiful options for winter floral décor. We’ll provide tips on working with winter blooms and show how to incorporate seasonal elements like evergreens, berries, and pinecones. You’ll find ideas for bouquets and centrepieces that feel special and sophisticated for a winter wedding.

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Popular winter flowers in the UK


Red poinsettia flower

Every winter wedding can be brightened considerably by incorporating the vibrant reds and greens of poinsettias into your floral arrangements. These winter wedding flowers aren’t just festive; they’re a symbol of Christmas cheer and warmth in the colder months.

Here are a few ways poinsettias can be used for a winter wedding:

  • Centrepieces: A striking focal point on guest tables.
  • Aisle Décor: Line the walkway for a pop of colour.
  • Bouquets: Add a festive touch to the bridal bouquet.

Poinsettias blend seamlessly with other winter wedding flowers, creating a lush and inviting atmosphere. Don’t forget, winter flowers for wedding celebrations should reflect the season’s natural beauty, and poinsettias do just that with their rich, enduring hues.


Holly’s glossy, green leaves and bright red berries offer a classic touch to your winter wedding décor, making them a top choice for wedding ceremonies. Imagine walking down the aisle with holly nestled in your bouquet or centrepieces. It’s not just visually striking; it’s steeped in symbolism too. Holly represents everlasting life, perfect for the promise of marriage.

You can pair holly with white roses for elegance or sprigs of pine for a woodsy vibe.

Holly leaves with red berries

Don’t forget the mantles and bannisters; they’re prime spots for holly garlands. And for that extra sparkle, add some fairy lights. With holly’s versatility and rich colour, you’ll have a naturally festive atmosphere that’s both warm and inviting.


Trailing ivy

Continuing with the theme of natural elegance, you’ll find that ivy is another quintessential winter wedding flower, adorning venues with its cascading vines and lush greenery. This versatile plant can bring a touch of wild beauty to your special day, creating an ambience of timeless romance.

Here are some ways ivy can elevate your wedding décor:

  • Table Arrangements
    • Intertwine ivy with candles for a mystical glow.
    • Lay sprigs across table runners for an organic feel.
    • Drape ivy along the edges for a dramatic drop-off.

Ivy’s alluring charm isn’t just for show; it symbolises fidelity and eternal love, making it a meaningful addition to your winter wedding celebration.


Amidst the enchantment of your winter wedding décor, you’ll find mistletoe, a festive favourite that brings a sprinkle of tradition and whimsy to the occasion.

This timeless greenery, with its delicate white berries, isn’t just for doorways where couples steal kisses. It’s a symbol of romance and goodwill that you can weave throughout your special day.

Consider mistletoe in your bridal and bridesmaid bouquets or as a charming accent in boutonnieres.

Mistletoe with a red bow

Adorn your centrepieces with its sprigs to bless each table with a touch of love.

With mistletoe’s magical allure, it’ll be a seamless yet striking addition to your winter wedding wonderland.


Red and white Amaryllis flower

As you explore your winter wedding flower options, consider the amaryllis, a stunning bloom that embodies the warmth and cheer of the season. These trumpet-shaped flowers not only add a touch of elegance but also come in a variety of colours that can complement any wedding theme.

Amaryllis are versatile. They can be incorporated into various elements of your wedding décor, making them a great choice for creating a cohesive look.

  • Table centrepieces: Their tall stems and large blooms make a statement. Placing amaryllis flowers in the centre of each table can create a striking focal point.
  • Bouquets: Amaryllis can be the star of the bouquet or a magnificent accent. Their vibrant colours and bold shapes can add drama and sophistication to your bridal bouquet.
  • Décor: Amaryllis flowers are perfect for adorning archways or adding to garlands. Their robust nature ensures that they will last well throughout your special day, creating a vibrant and enchanting atmosphere.


Roses are a timeless choice that effortlessly infuse romance and sophistication into your nuptial celebrations. They’re incredibly versatile, offering a range of colours from classic white and deep red to subtle blush pink, cheerful yellow and cream roses. You can choose traditional varieties like the elegant ‘Iceberg’ or the richly coloured ‘Black Baccara’ to add a touch of warmth to the chilly season.

Red rose

Incorporate roses and spray roses into your bouquets, centrepieces, or even as a delicate garnish on your wedding cake. They pair beautifully with other winter blooms and greenery, creating texture and depth in your floral arrangements.


Yellow, orange and pink lilies

Consider incorporating lilies into your winter wedding to add an elegant and fragrant touch to your floral arrangements. These blooms aren’t only stunning but they also come in a variety of colours that can complement any wedding palette.

Lilies are a symbol of purity and commitment, making them a meaningful choice for your nuptials.

You’ll find that their large, star-shaped blossoms create a dramatic effect, whether used sparsely or in lavish clusters. Opt for white lilies for a classic look, or choose pink or orange shades for a pop of colour against the winter backdrop.


Your winter wedding’s charm can be elevated with the inclusion of tulips, a beloved bloom renowned for its vibrant colours and elegant silhouette. These flowers not only add a splash of cheer to the often grey winter days but also offer versatility in style and arrangement. You’ll find tulips can seamlessly blend with various themes, from rustic to modern chic.

Choose the hues that resonate with your wedding palette and let these winter wonders transform your special day!

Pink and white tulips


Blue and purple Hydrangeas

You’ll find that hydrangeas offer a lush, voluminous option for your winter wedding florals. These versatile blooms come in an array of colours, from classic whites and creams to vibrant blues and pinks, ensuring they’ll complement any wedding palette.

Hydrangeas stand out due to a number of factors:

  • Their large, round flower heads
  • Create a full, opulent look
  • Ideal for both bouquets and centrepieces
  • The wide range of available colours
  • Match or contrast with your theme
  • Seasonal hues for winter include deep purples and frosty blues
  • Their longevity and sturdiness
  • Withstand winter weather conditions
  • Remain fresh throughout your special day

Incorporate hydrangeas to add a touch of winter wonderland magic to your floral arrangements.


In keeping with the enchanting spirit of a winter celebration, snowdrops are a quintessential choice for your wedding, bringing a delicate hint of nature’s resilience to your floral décor. These dainty white flowers, emerging even through frosty soil, symbolise hope and purity.

Snowdrops aren’t just beautiful; they’re versatile. You can pair them with greenery for a fresh, woodland vibe or with other winter blooms for a more elaborate arrangement.

White snowdrops

They’ll stand out against darker colour schemes, adding a touch of brightness to an otherwise subdued palette.

What flowers are in season in winter?

You might be surprised at the variety of flowers that thrive in the cooler months. From the rich hues available in November to the delicate blooms of February, each month offers distinct floral options for your winter wedding.

Let’s look at seasonal winter wedding flowers, ensuring you’ve got fresh and stunning choices for your special day.

Flowers in season in November

Red hellebore flowers

Often, when planning your winter wedding, you’ll find that blooms like roses, hellebores, and lilies are readily available, adding a touch of elegance to your special day. These flowers not only withstand the cooler temperatures but also come in a palette that complements the season’s natural hues.

Incorporating these flowers into your winter wedding ensures a fresh, seasonal look that’s both enchanting and memorable. Choose wisely to create the perfect wintery ambience!

Flowers in season in December

As December arrives, you’ll discover that the range of winter wedding flowers expands with options like:

  • Mistletoe
  • Poinsettias
  • Winter jasmine

These blooms not only embody the spirit of the season but also offer vibrant colours and unique textures to your floral arrangements. These flowers will ensure your winter wedding is both seasonal and stylish.

White winter jasmine flowers

Flowers in season in January

Pink, orange and red Ranunculus

While December offers a festive palette, January’s winter blooms bring a fresh vibrancy to your wedding décor, ensuring it’s both elegant and true to the season. You’re not just limited to these, though; there’s a surprising variety of flowers that thrive even in the colder months. Here’s a glance at some options that could be the perfect match for your January wedding:

  • Ranunculus
  • Tulips
  • Snowdrops

Each of these flowers can create a unique atmosphere, from stately elegance to playful charm, fitting the vision you have for your special day.

Flowers in season in February

Transitioning into February, you’ll find that options like:

  • Early-flowering daffodils
  • Primroses
  • Irises

These blooms not only infuse a touch of spring’s promise into your special day but also reflect the unique beauty of winter’s end.

Purple, yellow, red, white and pink primroses

Don’t forget about the evergreen foliage that can beautifully complement these flowers. Adding sprigs of ivy, eucalyptus, or pine can create a lush backdrop for your floral arrangements. These natural elements bring texture and depth to bouquets and centrepieces, ensuring that your winter wedding is as enchanting as the season itself.

Colour schemes and themes

As you plan your winter wedding, consider how colour schemes and themes can set the tone for your special day.

Classic winter colours

Winter flower bouquet with pine cones and blue, white and green foliage

Every winter wedding palette can be elevated with the timeless elegance of classic whites, silvers, blues, and reds to create a stunning visual symphony. These colours not only reflect the season’s natural hues but also bring a sense of sophistication and warmth to your special day.

Mixing these classic tones can provide depth and character to your winter wedding florals, ensuring they’re as memorable as the day itself.

Rustic themes

Red, white and green winter wedding flowers

Rustic themes embrace a palette of earthy greens, rich browns, and warm deep oranges to complement your classic colour choices.

Imagine your bouquet featuring the textures of pine cones and the softness of wheat stalks, tied together with a burlap ribbon. Picture centrepieces with sprigs of evergreen, hypericum berries, and amber-hued calla lilies resting in distressed wood planters.

These elements create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a winter celebration. Don’t forget to incorporate elements like cotton bolls or dried citrus slices for a unique touch. These natural tones and textures blend seamlessly, setting a romantic and earthy stage for your special day.

Modern trends

Blue and white flower bouquet

How can you infuse modernity into your winter wedding florals while still nodding to tradition? Start by embracing monochromatic schemes or injecting unexpected bright colours for a contemporary twist. Here’s how to stay on-trend:

  • Monochromatic Magic
    • Choose a single hue, like icy blue or deep burgundy, and vary the tones.
    • Incorporate different textures within the same colour family.
    • Balance with neutrals like whites or soft greys for depth.
  • Bright and Bold:
    • Contrast traditional winter whites with pops of vibrant colours.
    • Think hot pinks, electric blues, or rich purples.
    • Use flowers and accessories to create a cohesive look.

Floral arrangement styles

As you plan your winter wedding, consider how the style of your floral arrangements can transform the space and ambience. From the bouquets that you and your bridal party will carry to the centrepieces that will adorn your tables, each element contributes to the overall aesthetic.

Don’t forget the venue decorations, which can include garlands and floral installations that make your big day truly enchanting.


Red and white wedding bouquet

For your winter wedding, a wedding bouquet that captures the essence of the season can range from a minimalist cluster of a single flower type to a lavish mix of wintry blooms and greenery.

You’ll want to consider:

The size and shape of your bouquet:

  • Compact and posy-like for a subtle statement
  • Cascading or teardrop for dramatic flair
  • Round and lush to create a focal point

Each style sets a different tone for your walk down the aisle and reflects your personal taste.

Remember that winter flowers like amaryllis or ranunculus can stand alone beautifully or complement fuller arrangements with pinecones and berries. Don’t be afraid to mix textures and colours to create a bouquet that’s uniquely yours.


After selecting your bouquet, elegance continues at your reception with the choice of centrepieces that transform the tablespace into a wintry wonderland. Consider tall arrangements to create a dramatic effect that draws the eye upward, perfect for a grand ballroom setting. These towering floral displays can include branches dusted with faux snow, adding height and a touch of frosty charm.

Winter wedding centrepiece

Alternatively, you might opt for low, sprawling arrangements for a more intimate feel. Spread across the table, these designs can incorporate winter greenery, berries, and blooms in deep, rich colours. They encourage conversation among guests and create a cosy atmosphere.

Whichever style you prefer, ensure it complements your overall theme and enhances the magical aura of your winter nuptials.

Venue decorations

Winter themed wedding decorations

Every corner of your venue can be accentuated with meticulously chosen floral arrangements that echo the splendour of the season.

  • Garlands
    • Drape them over doorways or along the edges of tables for an elegant touch.
    • Intertwine with fairy lights to create a magical glow.
    • Incorporate pine cones and berries for a seasonal feel.
  • Wreaths
    • Welcome guests with large, ornate wreaths at the entrance.
    • Hang smaller versions on chair backs to unify the theme.
  • Hanging Arrangements
    • Suspend floral chandeliers above the dance floor for a dramatic effect.
    • Utilise clear threads for a floating bloom illusion.
    • Add dangling crystals to catch and reflect light beautifully.

Budget considerations

Your wedding flower budget can stretch further in winter by choosing seasonal flowers and embracing the natural beauty of evergreens and berries. In the UK, seasonal availability means you’ve got a variety of cost-effective choices at your fingertips. Incorporating more foliage and winter-specific flowers not only reduces costs but also adds a unique charm to your décor. Think holly, ivy, and mistletoe for a truly festive touch.

Incorporating non-floral elements

In addition to selecting in-season greenery, you can enhance your winter wedding’s charm by incorporating non-floral elements like pine cones, twigs, and crystals into your décor. These items blend seamlessly with a wintry theme and can boost the magical atmosphere.

  • Candles:
    • Add warmth and a soft glow to table settings
    • Create an intimate ambience during the ceremony
Wedding candle decorations
  • Lanterns:
    • Serve as striking centrepieces
    • Offer a rustic or vintage feel
  • Fabrics:
    • Use plush textures like velvet or faux fur for table runners
    • Drape sheer, shimmering clothes for a whimsical touch
  • Winter foliage:
    • Berries for a pop of colour scheme
    • Pinecones to add some texture

Get in touch for winter wedding flowers in Brighton & Sussex

Winter weddings shine with special magic and beauty when you embrace the seasonal floral options available. The rich, vivid blooms and natural elements make for unforgettable arrangements and décor. The vibrancy of winter blooms, fruits, greens and branches gives you endless possibilities to craft bouquets, centrepieces and venue décor that feels special, sophisticated and unique to you as a couple.

Speak to our team today about your winter wedding in Brighton or Sussex and we can create beautiful and unique floral arrangements for your special day.

Frequently asked questions

How can I ensure that my winter wedding flowers will stay fresh throughout the entire event, especially in cold weather?

To keep your flowers fresh all event long, you’ll need to choose hardy varieties and ensure they’re properly hydrated. Your florist will be able to advise you about this.

Are there any unique ways to feature winter wedding flowers in my ceremony beyond bouquets and centrepieces?

You can incorporate flowers into your hairpiece, adorn the aisle with petals, or hang floral arrangements above the altar for a unique touch to your ceremony beyond traditional bouquets and centrepieces.

What are some eco-friendly options for winter wedding flowers that can minimise environmental impact?

You can opt for locally sourced blooms, choose seasonal varieties, and repurpose arrangements throughout your wedding day to reduce your floral carbon footprint and support sustainable practices.

Are there any creative alternatives to traditional flower preservation methods for keeping my winter wedding bouquet as a memento?

You could encapsulate your bouquet in resin for a modern twist, or press individual flowers into a custom piece of artwork that’ll keep the memory of your day alive. Read our blog on how to preserve wedding flowers for more information.

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