How To Pick Flowers To Give To Men

Flowers are one of the most thoughtful gifts that you can get anyone and they are perfect for many occasions, whether it is a birthday, congratulations or in sympathy. However, they are typically associated as excellent gifts for women but not men, which is untrue. Most men actually love receiving a bouquet of flowers as a gift and flowers for men have been increasingly growing in popularity recently.

Here we have put together a guide with all you need to know about giving flowers to men, including some excellent flower choices to buy and how to decide on the best ones. We’re proud to stock a range of beautiful bouquets that are perfect for everyone, so browse our range online and if you’re looking for more inspiration, take a look at our Instagram page.

Is it appropriate to give a man flowers?

Everyone likes to receive flowers, they are a wonderful gift that are designed to lift your mood and brighten your home. Whilst giving men flowers hasn’t been something that has been traditionally mainstream in the past, flowers are always a loving and thoughtful gift to receive, no matter who you are.

There are a lot of perfect occasions to give the man in your life some flowers, these include:

  • Father’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Birthday flowers
  • Anniversary bouquets
  • Career milestones

However, you don’t always need an occasion to gift someone a bouquet of flowers – they are the perfect ‘just because’ present to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

How do you pick good flowers for men?

You can give any kind of flowers to men, but it’s worth considering the type of person they are, whether they have any favourite flowers or colours and the meaning of the flowers you’re giving them.

You also need to consider any allergies and even if they have pets as some flowers aren’t suitable – find out more about pet friendly flowers.

How to find out someone’s favourite flower

When it comes to finding out their favourite flower, this may be something you already know which makes it easier to choose the right flowers. However, if you’re unsure think about:

  • The colours they like – if they like pastel colours, or brighter colours, then look for flowers that feature these types of colours
  • Their personality – if they are a shy and quiet person, maybe they’d prefer understated and neutral flowers, or if they have a favourite season then choose flowers that flourish during this period
  • Their clothing and home décor – If their home or clothing is very bright and out there, then look at big bright bouquets, whereas if they go for a more minimalist look, then you might want a smaller and neutral type of bouquet

If you want to find out more about how to find out someone’s favourite flowers, take a look at our helpful guide.

The meaning behind different flowers

Different flowers have different meanings behind them, so if you want to send flowers to the man in your life, think about their relationship to you and the meaning you’re trying to convey through this gift.

For example, flowers such as daffodils and yellow roses signify happiness, joy and friendship, so are the perfect pick me up for a friend or loved one that needs cheering up or congratulating. They also make great birthday flowers or Father’s Day flowers.

Red tulips and of course, red roses, are well known for representing love and passion, so are a wonderful gift for a significant other on Valentine’s Day or an anniversary to show your love and affection for them.

If you want to give flowers to a certain loved one in your life, take a look at the meanings behind the flowers you’re giving them, as this will make the gift even more thoughtful.

What kind of flowers do you give to a man?

Receiving flowers is always a wonderful feeling, so finding the right bouquet can be a difficult decision. Below, we have put together some of our top choices of flowers for men.

Sweetie Box

Packed full of big, bright flowers, these are the perfect birthday gift or an amazing pick me up for someone who’s feeling a little down.

The Rouge Bouquet

A super romantic bouquet that features vibrant red roses that are a wonderful gift for a significant other.

Brighton Seaside

A more of a toned down and muted flower bouquet, these flowers feature a touch of colour mixed with foliage and make a wonderful gift to show a loved one you care.


A beautiful gift for any man in your life, orchids are perfect for brightening up any room and bringing joy to your loved one.

Browse our flowers for men

We’re proud to stock a range of wonderful bouquets that make a perfect gift for the man in your life. Browse our flower bouquets online that have been lovingly crafted by our expert florists. We also offer a flower delivery service in Brighton and the surrounding areas, so you can order the perfect flowers for your loved one and have them delivered straight to their door.

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