The Best Flowers to Buy Someone with Allergies

When summer approaches and flowers start to spring, there is a lot of pollen in the air. If you are someone who has allergies to pollen and struggles to find flowers to plant in your garden, or put in your home, then take a look at our guide on the best flowers for people with allergies.

With allergies to pollen being so common, it is a great idea to make note of these flowers to ensure that when giving them as a gift to someone, they will not have any issues.

Flowers low in pollen for allergy sufferers


Orchids are wonderfully colourful flowers that make an excellent gift and look good in any home. Although the flowers do contain pollen, the pollen is extremely unlikely to be airborne making them allergy friendly.

Another excellent quality that orchids have is that they are extremely long lasting, all they need is regular watering.


Carnations are beautiful flowers that can come in a range of different colours and do not cause any irritation to those with allergies. This makes them an excellent gift as you can easily select the person’s favourite colour and not worry about itchy eyes and sneezing!

Carnations are also known for being extremely long lasting when cut, so you can enjoy them for longer.


Roses are very low pollen flowers and are a great option when looking for hypoallergenic flowers. The little pollen that they do produce is far too heavy to be airborne, making them a safe bet for those who are allergic to flowers.

As well as red roses being the flower of love, they also come in a variety of different colours and look delightful in any home or garden. Here at Brighton Flower Company, we stock a range of flowers with roses incorporated.


Daffodils signify spring and are a bright and cheerful addition to any home. Although not completely hypoallergenic, they produce far less pollen than other flowers and can be enjoyed by those with allergies.

The pollen itself is not transported by wind, but rather insects, so although they are hypoallergenic, we would suggest not getting up close to them as this could cause irritation.


Another great option for those who are allergic to pollen and flowers, Tulips have a very low pollen count and are a popular flower to give as a gift. Not only do they come in a range of bright and beautiful colours and they are available all year round.


Cacti and indoor plants are increasingly becoming a more popular gift as they are low maintenance, long lasting and come in a variety of different types and looks. They are a great gift for those who have flower allergies as they have a really low pollen count, so don’t cause any symptoms such as sneezing and itchy eyes.

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