The Meanings of Different Flowers

Not only are flowers a lovely gift for someone to receive and an excellent way to show someone you are thinking of them, whether it be for a birthday, wedding or funeral, they also have different meanings attached to them from over the years.

If you are looking to send someone a bouquet of flowers with a certain message, then take a look at our list of different flowers below and the meaning that is associated with them.


Daffodils are beautifully bright flowers that flourish at the beginning of Spring, symbolising the end of the cold, dark weather and ascent towards the warm summer months.

One of the main meanings attached to daffodils is ‘new beginnings’, this is due to the time of year that they pop up. Spring is all about new life, rebirth and the bloom of new flowers.

Happiness is also associated with daffodils, so giving them as a gift is a great way to cheer someone up or congratulate someone.

Red tulips

It’s not just red roses that symbolise love, red tulips also represent love and passion. However different to red roses, they actually symbolise ‘true love’.

They make a great gift for a loved one and are something a bit different to the typical flowers you give your loved ones. Perfect for an anniversary or a special day such as a birthday or Valentine’s Day, you can really show someone how you feel with a bouquet of red tulips.

Yellow roses

Similar to the Daffodil, yellow roses are a way to show happiness, joy and friendship. With roses being such beautiful flowers, they are a wonderful gift for anyone to receive.

If you have a friend who needs cheering up or deserves a bit of a treat, then these flowers are the perfect way to put a smile on someone’s face.


Orchids are associated with delicate beauty, luxury and grace. They are an excellent gift for a significant other, family member or close friend.

They aren’t associated with any particular holiday or occasion so can be given in sympathy or in celebration.


These beautifully bright flowers are typically associated with the sun and summer, making them the perfect symbol of happiness.

Giving sunflowers as a gift is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face and instantly lift their mood.


Lavender is a deliciously fragrant, bright purple flower that will easily brighten up any room. It is not very well known that lavender actually symbolises devotion.

This makes lavender another great flower to give to your significant other as a gift, as opposed to red roses.

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