Top Wedding Flowers Trends

If you just recently got engaged, or have been planning your wedding for a while, it can be overwhelming to try and coordinate every element to ensure the big day runs smoothly.

Flowers for the wedding are one of the most important aspects and can really make a difference to any venue. So far across 2019 we have seen lots of different trends for bridal flowers, not only for the venue but also for bouquets.

Discover our top trends of wedding flowers for this year:

Bridal bouquets

Wild arrangements

Bouquets that are a bit on the ‘wild’ side are bang on trend at the moment. These tend to have a few pretty stems of flowers scattered between lots of foliage and grass and have more of a rustic feel.

Typically, brides carry a far neater, controlled and round shaped bouquet that is filled mainly with a traditional flowers such as roses. These days brides are looking to shake the traditional feel and go with something that stands out a bit and has a bit of a freer feel.

Pastel colours

Think pale pinks, blues and cream colours, these types of flowers are perfect for those who are going for an elegant and subtle look on their wedding day.

If you are looking to get married in the winter, then pastel bouquets are an excellent choice, they give off a wonderful crisp, wintery feel and can really add to the effect of the day.

Venue flowers

Floral arch

This trend has been seriously inspired by the most recent Royal Wedding of Meghan and Harry, their floral arch was gorgeous and now other bride and grooms are following in their footsteps.

These can be as extravagant or subtle as you would like and are an excellent backdrop to your marriage ceremony.


Flower crowns

One of the most popular trends at the moment, flower crowns add a touch of bohemian to your day. If you aren’t wanting to wear a veil, then a flower crown is a lovely substitute and is the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your outfit.

Depending on the style you are looking for, these can be created with small, delicate flowers that create a headband style look, or featuring a thick arrangement of flowers that make a statement.

Other hairstyles

For those who think a flower crown may be a bit too much, then having a few flowers incorporated to your hairstyle can be a lovely way to add an air of elegance to your day.

Whether you have an updo or have your hair down, there are hundreds of ways to style different flowers in your hair.

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