How To Choose Flowers For A Wedding Bouquet

Choosing your wedding bouquet is one of the most important, exciting and creative parts of any bride’s wedding journey. The bouquet is one of the main accessories for any bride and enhances and complements the wedding dress, as well as the aesthetics of the whole wedding.

With so many flowers and bouquets styles out there, choosing the right wedding bouquet can be a difficult task. A great place to start is to speak to your florist, as they are experts when it comes to choosing the right flowers and arrangements. They will be able to advise you on different styles, flower types and arrangements that will look beautiful on your wedding day.

At The Brighton Flower Company, we have loved working with many brides, styles and colour schemes throughout the seasons so have an excellent knowledge of choosing the right flowers for your bridal bouquet.

Take a look at our helpful guide below on what to consider when choosing your flowers and please get in touch if you would like to speak to us about flowers for your wedding.

Colour scheme

Hopefully you already have an idea of your chosen colour scheme for your wedding, and if you do, this should inform the types of flowers you would like for your wedding bouquet.

When you think about a colour scheme consider:

  • The look and atmosphere of your wedding venue
  • The time of year you’re getting married
  • The mood you’re hoping to create

Most couples tend to choose flowers that match their colour schemes and bridesmaid dresses, or flowers that complement this main colour scheme. Have a look on sites such as Pinterest for inspiration on colours that go well with your chosen scheme and speak to your florist about your ideas or theirs.

If you haven’t chosen a colour scheme, again, look online for inspiration, think about your favourite colours and speak to your florist about the different flowers available at that time of year.

Seasonal flowers

Depending on which season you’re getting married in, certain flowers will be more readily available than others. This is due to the seasonal nature of flowers and when they are most likely to be in full bloom.

Do some research into which flowers are in season for your wedding and get some advice from your florist about this too. Not only will this make it easier for you to find all of the flowers you need, it will also be much cheaper for you.

Some examples of seasonal flowers in the UK:


snapdragon, dahlia, rosehip


heather, narcissi, rose, tulip


amaryllis, chrysanthemums, honeysuckle


orchid, peony, sunflower, lilac

If your florist has to source flowers that are out of season, it may mean they cost more, as they aren’t as readily available, so you will need to account for this in your budget.

Style of dress

As we mentioned before, flowers should complement and enhance your wedding dress, not overpower it. So look for flowers that will match in with the style and colour of your dress, not ones that clash or make the whole outfit look over the top.

If your dress is a very big statement piece in itself, then subtle flowers may complement it more, whereas if you’ve gone for a simple, classic style dress, then a bigger, brighter bouquet may really finish off the look.

Ensure you bring pictures of your dress with you when you come along to discuss your options with your florist, this will make sure that your wedding bouquet fits in perfectly with your dress style.

Wedding venue

Thinking about your wedding venue is another great way to help decide on the types of flowers that are right for your bouquet. Consider thing such as:

  • Any colour schemes in the rooms that you’ll have your wedding ceremony and reception – you don’t want to choose flowers that will clash with this
  • Does the venue have lots of lovely grounds with beautiful flowers and plants? Maybe choose some flowers that match in with what’s already there

Wedding theme

Do you have a theme for your wedding? Certain types of flowers work best with different themes. For example, if you’re going for a shabby-chic theme, then the types of flowers which will complement this are different to those which would look best for a modern, contemporary wedding theme.

Again, speak to your florist who will be able to advise you on the best style of flowers for your wedding bouquet.

Your favourite flowers

This may seem like an obvious one, but it can often be overlooked. Think about your favourite flowers and research whether these will be in season during your wedding. If not, there may be some similar alternatives for you to choose from.

Discuss your wedding flowers today

If you would like to speak to us about your wedding flowers, what you’re looking for and how we can help, then give us a call today on 01273 770966. We’d be happy to help you make your wedding day extra special.

We have years of experience when it comes to creating beautiful, bespoke flower arrangements for weddings and take great pride in our work. If you’d like to see some of our previous wedding flower arrangements, visit our Instagram page, which we regularly update with our latest work.

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