How To Care For Succulents: The Ultimate Guide

Succulents and cacti are some of the easiest plants to look after as they don’t have a lot of complicated needs. However, if you fail to give them the right amount of care and attention, then you can end up killing them pretty quickly.

Using our expert knowledge, we have put together this helpful guide to give you an idea of the best way to care for your succulent plants and ensure they are healthy and thriving in their environment.

We’re proud to stock a wide range of succulents and cacti so would love to give you advice about the best ways to care for them in the right way. Plants are not only a lovely addition to the home, but can help with overall wellbeing. We are extremely passionate about giving our plants the right care, ready for you to take them home and improve your environment.

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Succulents love lots of light

Spiky green cactus in a top down view

One of the most important factors to consider when looking after your succulent is that they thrive in direct sunlight – they tend to need at least six hours of the day in direct sunlight. As they typically come from hot, desert areas, they need as close to this type of environment as possible to ensure their growth.

Find the sunniest spot in your home, preferably a south facing window, and leave your cacti or succulent there to bask in the sunlight. If you don’t have any south facing windows available try and find a place in your home that gets the most sunlight throughout the day and place your succulent there.

If you can, try and rotate your plant regularly so all sides of the plant get to enjoy the direct sunlight, this will ensure a more steady growth and healthier looking plant.

Succulents need lots of water

Round spiky cactus

When it comes to caring for succulents, how much water to give them is one of the main areas where we see people getting it wrong. Whilst succulents like a lot of water, they like it infrequently. If you water them too frequently, they will die very quickly.

The best way to water your succulents is:

  • Give them a lot of water in one go – completely soak them and ensure the roots are soaked too
  • Once watered, do not water them for awhile – you need to wait until the soil has completely dried out before the next water

It’s also worth noting that in the winter your succulents will need less water, as during this period they don’t tend to grow too much. Ensure you adjust your watering schedule in the winter months to account for this so that you don’t risk overwatering them.

Ensure they have excellent drainage

Succulents and cacti hate sitting in waterlogged soil and this can be detrimental to your plant. When planting your succulents, ensure you choose a pot that has a drainage hole that allows any excess water to escape through, leaving your succulent in its ideal environment.

If your succulent is sitting in waterlogged soil all the time, this can cause their roots to rot and eventually your plant will die. It’s super important to find a pot with good drainage if you want to give your succulent the proper care.

Choose the right soil

One of the main factors that plant owners get wrong is choosing the right soil. Most other types of houseplants aren’t too fussy about the soil they’re in, but with succulents and cacti, they need a special type of soil to ensure longevity.

As succulents are from an extreme type of environment, their soil needs to replicate their natural environment as much as possible in order for them to survive for a long time and become healthy plants.

Cacti and succulent soil tends to have better drainage and aeration because it’s more coarse and grainy – it usually features soil mixed with sand and pumice or perlite.

Once a year, around the spring and summer months, ensure you lightly fertilise your succulent to give it that extra boost in its growing months. Be careful not to over fertilise it though, as this can make it weak.

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