Top 10 Flower Hacks

It’s been very busy for us in Brighton recently, and as we’re now in spring (although the weather may disagree!), it’s a great time to make your home look more colourful.

If you’re looking for tips on how to add that bit of colour and keep your flowers looking fresh for longer, here are our top 10 floral hacks:

1. Cut your stems at a 45-degree angle

Do this one inch from the base of the stem. It increases surface area and means your plants can absorb more water.

2. Get closed buds to open quickly with hot water

After cutting your stems put them in a vase of hot water for a minute and then transfer them to cold water. It will cause your flowers to open up even more.

3. Give your plants a drink

When you first put your flowers in a vase, add a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of white sugar, which will prevent wilting. When your flowers do start to die, give them a shot of vodka and it will pick them up for another couple of days.

4. Put your orchids on ice

Water your orchids by putting an ice cube on the soil once a week. It’s the perfect amount of hydration for them, and the melting of the ice means they can take in the water slowly and not drown.

5. Spend a penny

Drop a penny into your flower water and it will keep it fresher for longer. The copper will work as an acidifier and prevent fungus or bacteria from building up.

6. Make a rose twist bouquet

Put your first stem into the vase and then place the next one across it and continue going around like this until the vase is full, and you have a beautiful twist bouquet.

7. Transportation trick

If you need to take flowers with you on a long trip, simply slip a balloon over the tap and fill it with a little water, then you can tuck the ends of your flower stems inside and seal it tight with sellotape. This is a simple way to let them drink on the go.

8. Remove excess leaves

They can absorb too much water and cause your plants to wilt faster, so remove leaves from the bottom two-thirds of the stem and let the water get to where it’s needed more efficiently.

9. Give them a spray

Give your flowers petals a quick spritz with hairspray to see that they hold their strong and beautiful colours for a bit longer.

10. Use a turkey baster

Once you’ve arranged your flowers in a vase, you can easily use a turkey baster to give them more water and also use it to suck out any stale water.

Good luck! If you’d love to add local fresh and seasonal flowers to your home or business, stop by our shop on Western Road or call us on 01273 770966. We have a range of bouquets available and can also create custom designs to best suit your tastes.

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