5 Reasons to Have Flowers at Home or in the Office

Flowers are a great way to brighten up any home or office and are always a welcome gift to cheer your loved ones up. As well as being a beautiful gift, did you know there are proven benefits to having flowers decorating your home and work space?

Take a look below to discover why having flowers around can improve your everyday life:

1. Gain a positive outlook

There have been studies and research that show the impact that flowers have on our mood. Having flowers decorating your home or office space has been proven to reduce depression and anxiety, increase happiness and increase emotional contact with friends and family.

These feelings of happiness and the boost of mood have been put down to the wide association of flowers with positivity – we usually receive flowers as a gift, whether this is to celebrate a birthday or commiserate in a time of sadness, flowers are used as a means to try and cheer people up and offer support.

2. Improve general worklife

Flowers are a great way to improve your work life and here’s why:

– Great at reducing stress
– Improve concentration levels
– Spark creativity

With stress being a major cause of employee sick days, simple touches such as adding flowers can go a long way for improving employee productivity and general worklife.

Bright, summery bouquets are a great way to stimulate creativity and conversation in the office. Otherwise, if you are looking for something a little calmer, pale and pastel colours are a great way to create a calm and soothing atmosphere.

3. Bring a room together with floral decoration

Adding flowers to a room is a great way to bring the whole room together and finish it off. Use them as either a statement piece in a subtle, plain room or have them match in with the colours and styles already in the room.

If you are looking to spruce up a tired looking room then flowers are an affordable and easy way to do this. Flowers can really brighten up any room and with some of the stunning scents that flowers have, you can improve the look and feel of a room in no time at all.

4. Promote clean air

As well as all of the mood boosting and decorative benefits, flowers are actually very useful at cleaning the air around them. When plants and flowers undergo photosynthesis, they absorb the carbon dioxide that surrounds them. Through this process they they make the air cleaner for us humans to breathe in.

While this is a positive effect for any home or office, it becomes more important if you’re based in an urban area where there is likely to be less natural greenery and more pollution.

5. Welcome guests

Flowers don’t just benefit you in your home, they benefit everyone around them. They are great for welcoming guests to your home and creating a positive, sharing atmosphere in the space around them.

At home, this means guests will feel more relaxed and you can all enjoy yourselves, and at work, it could mean better professional relationships are cultivated, as well as opening up staff and clients to collaborate.

Brighten up your home or office

If you’re looking for something to improve the look of your home or looking to boost your moods when at work or at home, take a look through our range of flowers online. Our handcrafted, stunning bouquets are available to suit a range of budgets and we can deliver both locally and nationally.

If you would like to see a selection of our bouquets in person, please visit our Brighton based store: 102 Western Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2AA.

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