Fantastic Florna Festivities

My penultimate wedding of the year and it was a real beauty, a pleasure to design and install.

Rachael and Paul were such a dream to work with, really a wonderful couple with great taste! I loved how Rachael summed it all up in terms of style, posh wild rather than wild wild! I knew exactly what she meant
The style was very much about the foliage rather than the flowers, a fresh woodland like feel throughout. The only flowers were sea lavender, lavender and dill finished off with two types of seasonal sedums in green and burgundy.
Rachael had visited many local charity shops and boot sales in order to gather a really lovely eclectic vintage array of vases in the run-up to the big day. I enjoyed filling them with the couples lovingly chosen flora and fauna, they just looked fabulous and not contrived in any way.
The bridal posy, a combination of all of the foliage and a load of gorgeous, succulent succulents! A little sprig of sea lavender here and there and a touch of dill made a magical mix.
It was the arch that stole the show though. Rosie, our chief arch engineer, had to erect the structure as I am rubbish at that sort of thing and as the couple wanted to marry underneath it, I thought it best to get an expert on the job with the nuts and bolts. We weaved hundreds of stems of all the types of foliage through the structure in a loose and wild. Just as if it had grown there, sort of look.
Everyone was delighted with the outcome and the whole family were having a lovely time practising the ceremony for the following day! We left the venue very satisfied with a job well done
Have to just finish with our thoughts on Hendall Manor Barn. Really we can whole heartily recommend this place, there is such a beautiful atmosphere there and it just feels wonderful and looks fabulous. The staff are so professional and cheerful.
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Sabrina… The Brighton Flower Company

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