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At The Brighton Flower Company, we only source the best quality and variety of flower bouquets and plants for our customers, meaning we offer varieties locally in Brighton and Hove, and where necessary, across the globe.

We pick out plants which are unique to the individual and our friendly team will match you up with the perfect plant! Our team has expert knowledge of our indoor plant range, so why not come and take a browse today?

We carefully pick all of our products and gifts so you can be assured that what you’ve purchased is only of the best quality and will last a long time, provided they are looked after correctly and carefully.

Our indoor plants

We believe greenery makes a home look more inviting, beautiful and cosy. Plants help improve air quality, and there is a general agreement amongst scientists that plants improve the indoor environment. This is particularly important in an office, restaurant, or where there are a lot of people present in a small space. In one study of a care home, the residents lived longer for having plants to take care of! There has been lots of research into the benefits of houseplants and mental health and wellbeing.

From little coffee table or desktop succulents to man-sized cacti plants, we have everything you could dream of to spruce up your home or workplace. Some of our plants come in hand-chosen pots by our team, but pretty terracotta or patterned pots can be purchased separately. We even have terrariums and hanging baskets as well as the more traditional indoor pot plants. Find the perfect office plant or centrepiece for your home, shop our beautiful indoor plants.

We have a fantastic range of products online, and an even bigger range in-store. You’ll be able to compare sizes and plant types by dropping into our shop in Brighton, and our friendly team will also be able to give you a rundown of how to take care of various plants. We can find something for everyone, even if you’re notorious for killing plants, we can steer you in the right direction to a plant which is low maintenance and easy to care for.

How to choose the right indoor plant

How many of us have seen a pretty plant in a shop and thought how great that would look in my living room or hall, only to buy it without doing any further research? Then once the plant comes home it dies in no time at all? This often happens when we buy a plant based on its appearance, without considering the environment you’ve got to put it in and if you can adequately care for it.

First of all, take a look around your home and pick the spots where you’d like an indoor plant. Then consider these points:

Sunny or dark: Take note of whether they’re sunny or darker areas, well ventilated or not. Some plants can survive with only a little sunshine, while others will wither and die within just a few days.

Temperature: Consider the temperature of your home. Spring and summer temperatures are perfect for most plants, but problems can arise in the colder months, especially when temperatures drop as night falls or temperatures fluctuate from central heating.

Lifestyle: Think about how busy you are – do you have time to water a plant every day or are you at work for long periods of time or on holiday regularly? Consider these options when picking the type of plant you want, as some are more high maintenance than others and will require more watering.

Children: Consider where to place plants when toddlers will be running around. You also need to be aware that some plants are toxic to the skin and can cause irritation when handled and damaged, while others such as cacti could also hurt your child.

Pets: Some plants are toxic to the likes of cats and dogs, so it is vital that you do your research before introducing them to your home if you have pets. Read our guide to plant toxicity and pets for more info.

Research the ideal plant for your home, or ask one of our friendly members of staff, and we’ll be able to match you with your ideal green companion.

Top tip: Cacti and succulents are a good choice of plant for those that struggle with watering or have to spend time away from home. Cactus and succulent plants survive without water for a period of time because their leaves are storage organs. They’re generally tough and resilient plants.

Our potted plants

Once you’ve taken your pick, our plants will enhance your interior design as they become relaxing focal points in your lounge, bedroom or wherever they work best. Each plant comes with a stylish and complimentary pot or holder, showcasing them to their full potential.

Ask us about our goblet-style pot – it’s totally unique and you won’t find anything else like it in Brighton and Hove!

Popular products

Bring a little nature into your home or business with some of our most popular products. We have lovingly created a varied selection of plants, including cacti and bulbs in the spring, to suit every taste. From tiny plants for your side table to eye-catching trees for a large space, we have something for you.

How to buy

The Brighton Flower Company welcomes you to our store to compare and enjoy our indoor plants. Seeing them in our store will ensure you make the right decision in picking the perfect ones, and our friendly team can talk you through the different plant options as well as maintenance considerations.

You can find us in the heart of Brighton’s city centre. Our address is:

The Brighton Flower Company
102 Western Road
East Sussex

We also accept orders over the phone or online. You can call us on 01273 770966 or drop us an email on [email protected].


At The Brighton Flower Company, we provide our customers with a personal service and strive to achieve customer satisfaction at all times. Our delivery system is quick and simple. We can help arrange a delivery time slot to suit your requirements, whether you buy our products online, over the phone or in store.

Say hello to our in-house delivery driver, Peter, who’ll always deliver our products with a smile. We deliver flowers and plants throughout Brighton and Hove, 11am-6pm, seven days a week.

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