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Product shown in image is a Medium bouquet.


A pretty green plant grown along a trellis with delicate white scented flowers. Also known as Stephanotis Floribunda. How to Care for Me - Native to Africa and Asia I like lots of bright sunlight so near a window is ideal. Water me once per week but make sure I don't become waterlogged. I can be tricky to master and will need to make sure I have something to climb up! Toxic to cats and dogs if eaten. FUN FACT - This fella got his name because his petals look a little like a crown and Stephanos is the Greek word for this.

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Additional Information

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We deliver to Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas between 11am-6pm seven days a week (delivery times over Valentines, Mothers Day and Christmas will vary). If you have a specific time slot you would like us to aim for please let us know and we will try our hardest to accommodate this.


We strive to replicate the bouquets in the images as accurately as possible. Due to seasonal availability there will be times when we will need to substitute your flowers or foliage. We assure you that the recipient will still be delighted.